How-To: Installing Unsigned Drivers on Windows 7 x64


In this video I show how to install unsigned drivers on Windows 7 x64. Starting with Windows Vista x64, Windows requires that all drivers be digitally signed. This can be a good thing, like to preventing the installation of malicious drivers for example. However, what if the drivers aren’t malicious and you trust them? Like you would when trying to use a PS3 controller as a gamepad on your PC. Windows won’t let you install them no matter what. There is an option to “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement” accessed by pushing the F8 key on start up. The problem here is that as soon as you reboot, it will go back to the default policy unless you push F8 and repeat the cycle.

The Work-around

One way to bypass this, is put Windows into “Test Mode” and sign your own driver. The I8KFanGUI app from, is used to manually control the internal fans on Dell laptops, I highly recommend it. Then I’m going to use Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider from to sign my driver and then put Windows into Test Mode. Test Mode is like a Developer mode, and you have to enable it when signing drivers like this.

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