Windows Server 2008 R2 IIS 7 and SMTP explained, with basic setup How-To


     When first getting into IIS 7 on Windows Server 2008 R2, one thing that seems get a little bit confusing is SMTP. Simple Mail Transfer protocol (SMTP) is an absolute must for your server if your applications are going to send mail. As most things in Server 2008 it is not enabled by default, and it’s actually not available in the IIS 7 Console.

Exchange & SMTP

     IIS 7 is sporting an all new code base and management console, so it’s only natural to think that SMTP would be new too. Not exactly, as it turns out that the SMTP code base is actually owned by the Microsoft Exchange Team, which is completely separate from the IIS Team. From Windows Server 2003/IIS6 to 2008/IIS7 no changes were made to SMTP. Because of this SMTP must still be managed through the old IIS 6 console, which has to be installed in addition to the IIS 7 console.

Installing SMTP:

SMTP Install Summary:

  1. In the Server Management Console select Features in the left pane, then Add Features on the Right
  2. Find and select SMTP Server, add required roles/services, finish the install.
  3. Open the IIS 6 Console, Start > Administrative Tools > IIS 6 Manager
  4. Expand the host in the left pane to see the SMTP Server, right click on the SMTP server then select Properties
  5. Set the IP to the local IP or loopback
  6. On the Access Tab under Relay Restrictions click the Relay button
  7. Add the local IP or the loopback, apply all changes
  8. Go to services.msc to set the Send Mail Transfer Protocol to automatically start

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