Samsung Galaxy S3 – The best android phone out there? I think so!

My Android Experience

     My Android experience started on a Motorola Droid 1, which was a solid phone made even better when switched to a custom ROM. From there I went to a Motorola Droid 3, which had great hardware (Dual core IMAP, more RAM) but again was plagued by a bloated up ROM. Once rooted and ROM’d it was a great phone. The camera however was horrible, colors were always washed out and pictures had a blue tint to them all the time. While the spec’s were great at 8.0 MP and 1080p video @ 30 FPS, there quality of the images were far from satisfactory.

The Galaxy S2

     After getting lots of hands on time with the Galaxy S2, I was amazed at Samsungs overall polish of the device and software. The stock ROM was absolutely fantastic, it was fast, stable and had great battery life. The camera is hands down one of the best cameras I have ever used, be it on a phone or stand alone. Not to mention all of the options for adjusting the camera to suit the current enviroment, something even the most current iPhone does not offer.

The Galaxy S3

     The new Galaxy S3 sports a big beautiful 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD screen, along with a super fast dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 clocked @ 1.5 GHz. It also comes with a whopping 2 GB of RAM, the highest I have yet to see in a smart phone of any kind. Internal memory offerings are 16GB or 32GB expandable to 64GB via Micro SD Card Slot(found behind the REMOVABLE battery cover). The OS of choice will be Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). All of these items together should truly make it the iPhone killer and possibly the best Android phone out there!

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