Iain Sinclair’s Card Sharp 2, a stealthy pocket knife like you have never seen before!

Card Sharp 2, an ultra thin and stealthy pocket knife

     Iain Sinclairs CardSharp 2 – I saw this on a few tech blogs and was waiting for this to come out. Iainsinclair.com‘s CardSharp 2, is an amazing credit-card sized fold-able knife. For $25 US dollars, it’s a deal for the amazing piece that it is. This knife features a fold-able polypropylene body and a surgical grade stainless steel blade. The CardSharp 2 includes a lock on the blade to keep it in its sheath and protect from accidental slippage. I would would definitely suggest this high quality piece to anyone looking for a unique and concealable knife.

Iain Sinclairs CardSharp 2

Iain Sinclairs CardSharp 2 – I keep it in my Wallet

Iain Sinclair's CardSharp 2

Iain Sinclair’s CardSharp 2 – Folded up

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