Benjamin Trail NP Bi-pod Install

Bi-pods and Air guns

     Shooting a big heavy rifle accurately at any range can be tough with out resting it on something or using some sort of bi-pod. I wanted something that was light weight, easy to add or remove and portable. Trying to find information about mounting can be a bit tricky as well, there doesn’t seem to be much information out there about how to accomplish this. One thing I quickly found out is you do not want to mount the bi-pod to the barrel. Air guns are very sensitive compared to powder guns, an example of this is how well the artillery hold works for air guns compared to the powder fed counterparts. This is exactly why you don’t want to mount the bi-pod on the barrel, it throws the balance of the rifle off and your shots will be all over the place.

Benjamin Trail NP Bi-pod

Mounting the Bi-pod

Benjamin Trail NP Bi-pod Mount

     For my setup I picked up a set of weaver handguard rails for an AR15 from Amazon for around $10, they are 4″ long with 3 mounting holes. Next is the bi-pod, there are a ton of options out there for this one, just make sure you get the right type of mount for what you are using. I’m using a weaver style NC Star Compact bi-pod that adjusts from 8″ to 12″, got it off of eBay for around $30. All you have to do after that is drill a few holes in your stock, making sure to give the barrel room to clear the bi-pod when cocking it and not drilling into any of the internals. I used all 3 holes on my rail with approx .5″ screws, since my stock is synthetic I also dabbed a little bit of epoxy on each screw to help keep them from coming loose or stripping.

How well does it work?

     Shooting with a bi-pod makes long shots considerably easier. Head shots and one shot kills are very easy to pull off and easily repeated. Using the bi-pod did take some getting used to, but the more you shoot it the more accurate you get. I have found for me it works best to lean into the gun while holding the grip lightly with both hands. At first it almost felt like the gun wanted to hop up when firing, so I tried to hold it down and really tight but I quickly realized this was affecting my accuracy. I can honestly say I highly recommend this mod, not only does it improve your shooting, it looks great as well.

Weaver Rail

Benjamin Trail NP Bi-pod Install

Weaver rail mounted

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