ELK 5 on Ubuntu: Pt. 3 – Installing and Configuring Beats Agents on Windows Clients

In the previous two posts I went over everything from installing Ubuntu to getting the ELK stack setup and ingesting logs from itself. Now in this final post in the series I am going to cover collecting Windows Event and Continue reading

Stopping Bots and Website Scrapers from scanning your sites on IIS with URL Rewrite…

Bots and Website Scrapers can be a serious annoyance to anyone who is responsible for administering a website and the more sites and servers you are responsible the more of a problem it can become. Every request a bot or Continue reading

ELK Stack Pt. 2: Collecting logs from remote servers via Beats

In one of my recent posts, Installing Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana (ELK) on Windows Server 2012 R2, I explained how to setup and install an ELK server but it was only collecting logs from itself. That in itself isn’t very Continue reading

Testing SMTP with Telnet and PowerShell (Cheat Sheet)

This is my cheat sheet for sending E-Mail through a SMTP Server. This is particularly useful when configuring and testing a new SMTP server. PowerShell: Send-MailMessage -SMTPServer hostname -To youremail@domain.com -From none@none.com -Subject “This is a test email” -Body “This Continue reading

PowerShell Script: Find the largest files and folders for any drive

Update – 04.06.2021 – I have an updated version of this script that is a little more flexible and has better output, you can find the new script here: http://robwillis.info/2021/04/powershell-script-quickly-find-the-largest-files/ This is a super easy to use and flexible PowerShell Continue reading